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How To Deal With Multiple Decision Makers

It is often said too many chefs ruin the stew, and this certainly holds true in sales. Large organizations grow bureaucracy like trees grow branches, and these often come with additional stakeholders which must be placated, overcome, persuaded, or otherwise mollified. They are often invested in the final decision, as they are affected by it in some way.

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The Best Way To Handle An RFP In Sales

RFPs, or Requests For Proposal, are a salesperson’s nightmare; they’re a tool designed to take salespeople out of the equation. Their use indicates that the prospect’s buying decision is being driven purely by accounting or finance. RFPs take a significant amount of time and effort to complete, and the return on investment usually doesn’t materialize. At least, that’s how it was until now. Let me show you the best way to handle an RFP and increase your chances of getting that sale.

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Sales As A Career Choice: Advantages And Disadvantages

If you’re just starting out on your career path, you’re probably looking at the options that are open to you. One of the ones that’ll crop up fairly often is sales, in whichever field you look. Sales is a profession that is vital to the functioning of the economy: if nobody buys, the economy would collapse. As opposed to telemarketing or other routine jobs, sales won’t be automated away any time soon. And it’s a job where you can expect to earn well. Let me help your decision-making process by listing some advantages and disadvantages of making sales your career choice.

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A B2B Sales Exercise: Selling A Car

Selling a car can be an excellent exercise for entrepreneurs and B2B salespeople of all stripes. Its purpose is to teach qualification skills as quickly as possible, and to raise the conversational awareness of the prospector or novice. The car in and of itself is unimportant as an object – it can be a houseplant, an iPad, or a carpet. Ideally 3 people are present: two slightly more experienced salespeople, and one who is a novice. My personal rule has always been if a manager’s present, they need to take part: they can teach as well as manage the experience. The exercise itself can be frustrating for all parties, as it involves interruption and instant feedback. As a training tool, I’ve found it to be unsurpassed in bringing a novice up to speed. Without further ado, then, let me show you how this exercise works.

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Some Thoughts on Sales

Today I’m stepping away from the sales advice format to write something more informal. I thought I’d put down a collection of thoughts, notes and quotes for you instead, and I hope they inspire you. I don’t purport to be wise or even a particularly good curator; I’m simply in the process of collecting my thoughts and found these amount them.