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Prospect Interaction For Better Sales Relationships

The prospect isn’t always right; it’s an old truism that simply isn’t true any more. And I think it’s time that we, as salespeople, begin to step away from it towards more realistic relationships. The reason it’s no longer true is because the products we’re selling, especially in the B2B world, have become increasingly complex and capable. As such, it takes time to assimilate enough knowledge to make a judgement of whether to purchase or not. We need to reevaluate the treatment of our prospects because we want to avoid uninformed decisions wherever possible.

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How To Avoid Skepticism And Underestimation in Cold Calling

Cold calling is the single best way you can grow your pipe. However, you shouldn’t enter into it blindly; if you’re not careful, it’s extremely easy to alienate prospects and lose potentially large deals. In my opinion, the two largest sources of this alienation are skepticism and underestimation on your part. Here I’ll discuss them briefly, and give you a few quick pointers on how to avoid them in your daily conversations.

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How To Approach Cold Calling

Cold calling is always seen as a dreaded activity by salespeople. It’s seen as a waste of time, a pool of rejection and an activity for those who enjoy self-flagellation. It’s not easy, of course, but nothing worthwhile is. Many people are turned off by cold calling either due to their fear of rejection, or because they don’t wish to disturb or interrupt the people they’re calling. As you can see, it’s predominantly a mental block they’re facing, and that’s something that’s within their power to change easily. Let me show you how to approach cold calling in a way that’ll overcome these issues and lead you to success.

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6 Tips For Successful Phone Prospecting

Your phone is the most important prospecting tool you have. It’s more immediate than social media, more interactive than email, and less intrusive than a visit. The key benefit, however, is that it’s incredibly efficient – it’s a speedy and effective way to fill your pipe. Many salespeople will avoid the prospecting side of things, and if they do pursue it, will think in terms of email and social media campaigns. I invite you to muster your confidence and succeed with these top tips for phone prospecting.