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The Key To Overcoming Objections

Objection handling is one of the key skills every salesperson must possess, and as a result, much has been written about it. There are many methods, methodologies, frameworks, and scripts out there which all purport to be the best way to handle objections, and much money has been made selling them. Many of them (less so the scripts, more so the frameworks and methodologies) are quite useful, and will guide you in the right direction. Throughout all of these there is a common theme, which I'd like to cover here: the simple question "why?"

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How to Handle All Sales Objections

We’ve all had prospecting conversations we wish had gone differently. Perhaps the prospect shut you down, perhaps they pushed you away, or perhaps they had some kind of issues with the product. Prospects with many objections are often seen as “difficult”, and this article could just as easily be titled “how to deal with difficult prospects.”