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3 Approaches for Effective Sales Positioning

Positioning is where salespeople often fall flat; they are able to discover needs and qualify those, and then choose to stick only to a feature and function list when attempting to differentiate their product from all the others on the market. Here are three approaches that aim to change that and get you positioning like a pro. Feel free to print out the illustration and stick it on your cubicle, wall, or wherever else you like.

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Basics Of Qualification: What You Need And How To Get It

Qualification is a fundamental skill in sales, and is used throughout the sales process. There’s nothing complicated about qualification – you’re looking for a fairly straightforward set of information. To do it well, however, takes time, practice, and courage. I’m of the opinion that most salespeople and business developers can (and should) improve these skills. Most commonly, I notice qualification is done by rote, causing the salesperson to miss key pieces of information even if they adhere to the “perfect” qualification questions. In this article, I’ll show you the absolute basic pieces of information you should be taking away from each prospecting call as well as the first steps on your path toward a better qualification.