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3 Best Ways To Lose A Prospect’s Interest

Lots of articles tell you how to gain a prospect’s interest. Many will include tricks and tips, and many are just plain wrong. There are many ways to gain the interest of a prospect, not least of which is simply because your product is interesting. There are also some sure-fire ways to lose that interest, and they usually have to do with you. Here are the three best ways to lose a prospect’s interest.

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6 Tips For Successful Phone Prospecting

Your phone is the most important prospecting tool you have. It’s more immediate than social media, more interactive than email, and less intrusive than a visit. The key benefit, however, is that it’s incredibly efficient – it’s a speedy and effective way to fill your pipe. Many salespeople will avoid the prospecting side of things, and if they do pursue it, will think in terms of email and social media campaigns. I invite you to muster your confidence and succeed with these top tips for phone prospecting.

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Some Answers To Common Prospecting Excuses

Prospecting is by far the best way of generating new business in sales. By targeting it and working in a smart way, prospecting becomes strategic, interesting, and enjoyable. When asked to do prospecting, however, most salespeople will balk and come up with something, anything, better to do. Here i look at some of the top prospecting excuses I’ve come across, and how I’d answer them. There really is no excuse not to prospect.

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Patience As A Key Sales Skill

Patience is the most overlooked and under-appreciated skill in sales. Managers tend to push for quick results and higher executives tend to drive the managers. And that’s entirely understandable: the need for growth is the key driver of C-level executives and shareholders. This understanding, however, should not lead you to push your prospects so hard they leave. Patience, judiciously applied, is the most effective tool in closing deals. If you’re not patient, then you won’t succeed in sales.

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The Dangers of Dishonesty in Prospecting

I hear and read lots of advice regarding tactics to enter an account. Much of it is quite good, some of it is great, and some of it is absolutely terrible. The foremost pieces of advice I’d place into that last category all have to do with prospecting; namely, how to get past a gatekeeper through the use of manipulation and lies. Since I read so much of this stuff, I decided to write this article about honesty in prospecting, or, more specifically, why lying to gatekeepers is a terrible idea.